Get Your Glow On and Keep It!

Whether you are staying in or stepping out more since Quarantine, I just want to know,


It could be going quite well considering we have more time to focus on ourselves the last few months but maybe you could still use a few tips, tricks and ideas that help… Yeah? Ok then…

So, I’m posting a few of my videos from last month and the most recent one I did last week discussing the essential steps in your skincare regimen that lead you to having great skin consistently. Along with that take a look at the other videos that may be interest, especially the microdermabrasion demo, my discussion on the overnight resurfacing peel and the one where I talk about sheet-masks and choosing the right  mask for your skin!

Any questions or comments, post them below. I want to hear from you!

Also, I offer COMPLIMENTARY Virtual Skincare Consultations if you sign-up for my newsletter in the pop-up box on my website, or you can book a Virtual Facial (which are not complimentary) that are an in depth session that involves the consultation regarding your skin and/or makeup routine, your skin dilemmas and what I see via Zoom, order and prescribe products customized to your skin type, conditions and lifestyle as well as a step by step tutorial to follow through on how to use your products for the best results.

Love, Peace and Beauty!

XO, Lysandra Joy