6 Essential Products to Keeping Your Summer Glow Up


It’s Summer, Summer, Summerrrr time!! Although life is different this Summer compared to last and may feel a bit different for a few Summer seasons to come, good skin is always in style and on trend. So let’s get to it. My recommendations for rocking good skin, presentable hands and feet with a lasting Summer glow.

  1. BeautyCounter’s Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel is a game changer for the skin. It is Summer so don’t over do the application but using this product at least 2-3 times a week will keep your skin tone even and smooth decreasing any dark spots and congestion of the skin. If you find that you are a bit irritated at first then build up your tolerance, apply it once a week for a week then increase to twice weekly and so on if needed. Wear it at night only. Make sure you were SPF during the day as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.
  2. BeautyCounter’s CounterMatch Intense Moisture Serum goes on so nice, Smoot and light. If you are feeling a hint of dehydration or just have dry skin give this serum a go. Hyaluronic Acid mimics the natural moisture already in the skin for a boost. Use morning and night. You choose.
  3. BeautyCounter’s Counter+ All Bright C Serum is lightening, tightening and brightening. Vitamin C is a staple that should be a regular part of your daily beauty routine. Use it as your daily serum so it brightens and protects you from the sun and environment as an antioxidant. Can be paired with other serums such as the hydrating serum mentioned above.
  4. BeautyCounter’s Countersun Daily Sheer Defense for the Face SPF25 is a sunscreen for the face that leaves no white residue. That’s right no white film to be conscious of throughout the day! Yay! So layer this as the last step in your facial routine and feel beautiful.
  5. KocoStar Nail Therapy Mask is formulated by the Korean Beauty Brand and boy do they do beauty well. Who doesn’t love to pamper their hand and nails from time to time. We use and look and them daily and so does everyone else. I feel a nice hand and pretty nails even au natural, are so important. As an Esthetician I might judge you based on your hands and nails. Sorry, not sorry. This is intensely hydrating and can be done weekly but I’d settle for bi-weekly but no less than monthly. It has Vitamins C and E so this is brightening, exfoliating and defends agains environmental factors and the sun. Shea Butter will moisturize and aloe to sooth. Take it all in after a shower and maybe before a nice low key day out and about. You can look at your hands and just smile all day.
  6. KocoStar Foot Therapy Mask is the foot version of the one mentioned above but a little more intense. You can’t attend a Summer pool party of one or more with bad feet. This foot treatment comes highly recommended by me and I love good pedicure at the nail salon but I’d bypass that for this! When I initially used it and didn’t see results soon enough, it was a le sigh moment. Then, low and behold about 5 days later my skin started lightly shedding like I thought residual bath gel or something on my skin post shower, then it really started peeling in places on my foot I never thought could peel (like the very tops of my toes). My feet peeled for days but looked and felt amazing about 10 days after the treatment. It’s been a month since the last one so I’m about to do another treatment. I recommend once a month with an in-between weekly or bi-weekly pumice stone to the feet should be adequate. If yours dogs are barking extra bad then do it every two weeks the first 2-3 times then graduate up to once a month. Voila! Dry, crusty, calloused feet, be gone! This has Glycolic and Lactic Acid which are also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which are super exfoliating but it is a chemical exfoliation so it does take time to work, hence the delayed peeling effect but once it starts it is on a roll. Citrus and orange ingredients aid in brightening of the skin. Side note: you must have the foot mask on for 1.5 hours so plan something to do during that time of sitting pretty.


There you have it, now go get glowing!

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Love, Peace and Beauty!

Lysandra Joy