6 Reasons You Need An Esthetician

Post quarantine many of you are going to run to your hairstylist and nail artist out the gate. Am I right?! Ha! No brainer right, non-essential my a$$, we need these people on a consistent basis to keep us looking well put together. My real question is how many of you are running to your Esthetician post quarantine? That is, if you have a go-to Esthetician to run to. If you do, awesome, you know what’s up! You are a next level skincare, beauty and/or self-care enthusiast. For many others, essential or not the last person on the list of beauty professionals is an Esthetician. Which is unfortunate because everyone can benefit from having a skincare specialist on speed dial. Not only do Estheticians focus on basic and advanced skincare, providing an in depth skincare analysis, prior to your facial plus add advanced tools as needed that make a tremendous difference in a matter of weeks or months depending on your skin condition.

Any of these issues could be you at any given timeframe in your life and having an expert to call on can improve or prevent any issues that can tank self-confidence and our social life if they get out of control. So look for a nearby Esthetician, maybe even go to a few and see which one best suits you based on your gut feeling, needs and wants. Then make her (or him) your friend for life! I recommend seeing one every 1-3 months and practice a really good skincare regimen at home.  




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