6 Reasons You Need An Esthetician

Post quarantine many of you are going to run to your hairstylist and nail artist out the gate. Am I right?! Ha! No brainer right, non-essential my a$$, we need these people on a consistent basis to keep us looking well put together. My real question is how many of you are running to your Esthetician post quarantine? That is, if you have a go-to Esthetician to run to. If you do, awesome, you know what’s up! You are a next level skincare, beauty and/or self-care enthusiast. For many others, essential or not the last person on the list of beauty professionals is an Esthetician. Which is unfortunate because everyone can benefit from having a skincare specialist on speed dial. Not only do Estheticians focus on basic and advanced skincare, providing an in depth skincare analysis, prior to your facial plus add advanced tools as needed that make a tremendous difference in a matter of weeks or months depending on your skin condition.

Facials are not just for special occasions, they don’t have to be super drawn out and you can wear makeup afterward if you desire to do so. You can do a lunchtime facial that gets straight to the point on a monthly basis and do a longer or more luxurious facial 2 to 4 times a year. This is also more budget friendly option depending on where you are located and where you decide to go. Estheticians not only provide facials but they do brow shaping/threading, brow and lash tinting, lash extensions, lash lifts, body waxing, makeup applications and body treatments. They may or may not specialize in one or all of these areas but they can refer you to someone that does. So if you don’t have an Esti in your life, you are missing out.

Either way keep reading because I want to tell you 6 key reasons why you DEFINITELY need us.

  1. Compromised Barrier /Sensitive Skin/Rosacea – Maintaining your skin’s moisture barrier is #1 to maintaining health. Your barrier is compromise if sunburnt, over exfoliated or windburn. Hydration and cool cleansing is key to healing the skin and bringing it back to health. Avoid aggressive exfoliating treatments such as chemical peels and techniques such as micro needling and derma planing. As for Rosacea, this is a condition that causes dismay for many, characterized by redness in the cheeks, irritation with papules that are not acne) and nose sometimes causing Rhinophyma, an enlarged red nose. It is more common in women than in men but if men have Rosacea, its more severe. The cause of Rosacea is unknown but is heard to be caused by a dust mite and can be minimized with certain antibiotics. If you have or believe you have Rosacea speak to your Physician regarding medical treatment however an Esthetician can treat with soothing facials to minimize the redness and irritation. Avoid triggers such as heat/steam, spicy food, rigorous exercise, alcohol, hot beverages and pollution. Find out more at https://www.rosacea.org.
  2. Acne – If you have severe acne then you must see a physician for treatment. Your Esthetician can’t work miracles. However your Esthetician in conjunction with medical treatment is a great way to expedite improvement of the condition and get tips on how to care for your skin outside of being dependent on medication. If you have minor acne, your Esthetician can help right away in improving the condition and getting you on a preventive skincare regimen with the right ingredients and treatment options for you.
  3. HyperPigmentation – Hyperpigmentation is the body’s response to injury. When the skin heals the inflamed areas darken, causing the hyperpigmentation in acne. This happens more so in Black or Ethnic Skin. Melasma is a form of hormonal hyperpigmentation brought on by pregnancy.  Melasma can be pretty deep into the lower layers of skin making it difficult to fully get rid of. As Estheticians, we live for this. We can recommend a series of treatments that will diminish the darkened areas and brighten your skin, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydra facials and ingredients such as vitamin c, and retinol that should bring it back to normal or pretty close. a-cup-filled-of-green-tea-with-lemon-3677150
  4. Aging – Preventive measures are a must because once the damage happens it happens. If you can start regular facials from a young age and introduce your daughter to making this a normal part of her life that is the best case scenario. As for many that are older, it is never too late to start a regiment  that will improve any issues that arise due to aging. Inflammaging is excessive aging of the skin from the inside out due to excessive intake of sugar and processed foods. I’m no nutritionist or dietician but watching what you eat and increasing an intake of water, veggies and fruit and less sweets and processed food is always a good idea. Factor in using glycolic acid and/or retinol may become your best friend if they aren’t already. I personally love both and use them fairly often to keep my skin clear, brightened and smooth. Talk to your Esthetician about options. For those times that you need stronger treatments to really see a change, Medical Spas are all the rage, so also speak to your Dermatologist and/or Plastic Surgeon to determine what you may need to improve aging skin.
  1. Cancer – Skincare from an Esthetician during and after cancer treatments promote recover, emotional wellbeing and reduces time in the hospital. Seaweed is a great ingredient in many skincare products that promote soothing an healing in breast cancer patients. Plus you can learn more on how to take care of your skin. Speak to your Oncologist about it. Seek treatment from a certified oncology skincare therapist. Google it for possible spa locations in your area.
  2. Public Career or Upcoming Event(s) – If you are in the public eye such as a CEO, business owner, actor, model, coach, or influencer you are the example to others and should be maintaining your skin regularly. Usually when you own your own business you are doing headshots and branding photoshoots where your face is the first thing people see. If you are a bride to be, mother of the bride, or in the wedding party in the next few months to a year you should start getting monthly facials and throw in a body treatment so you are your best glowing self at the wedding and all the events that lead up to the big day.especially if it’s a destination wedding near a beach. It’ll be more than worth it, trust me.

Any of these issues could be you at any given timeframe in your life and having an expert to call on can improve or prevent any issues that can tank self-confidence and our social life if they get out of control. So look for a nearby Esthetician, maybe even go to a few and see which one best suits you based on your gut feeling, needs and wants. Then make her (or him) your friend for life! I recommend seeing one every 1-3 months and practice a really good skincare regimen at home.  

If you need an Esthetician in Atlanta, I’m at the W Hotel Atlanta Downtown, specializing in facials, classic lash extensions and body treatments. I also do lashes and pro makeup applications at your home, office or hotel as a freelance service.

Any questions about finding the right esthetician, skincare issues, or comments do so below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Love, Peace and Beauty!

XO, Lysandra Joy





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