Beauty Boss Self-Care Sunday with Ebony Bullock

Kicking off May 2020 Beauty Boss Self-Care Sunday Series with Ebony Bullock (aka Cocoa). Cocoa is a Licensed Esthetician opening up her facial studio Kale + Peppermint, in Augusta, Georgia very soon!

Read on to learn more about Cocoa!

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  • What aspect of the beauty or wellness industry do you serve? Why did you choose this career? What key services do you offer? Location?

I serve the skincare and wellness industry. I specialize in skin of color and corrective skincare.

I also specialize in the wellness of my community, by offering not only innovative, holistic skin-therapy, but also by serving their wellness needs, by offering wellness products that’ll benefit their minds and immune systems, etc.

  • Tell us about yourself. Who are you as a person? Hobbies, passions?

I originally got into the skincare/beauty industry by making my own skincare/facial products. Well into my 30’s, I have yet to find any skincare products that suited my melanin skin. Therefore, I started to formulate my own during a cold winter night in Illinois, out of sheer sadness, and frustration.

Key services that I offer is facials. I specialize in facials! (Skin-therapy)! I’m located in the heart of Augusta, GA., right across from the Augusta National Golf Course. (The Masters).

I’m a wife and mom of 20 years and some change. I’m also a creative and businesswoman. I’m a thinker and dreamer… but more importantly, I’m a do’er; an executer. I believe in God. My faith is extremely important to me. Everything that I do, from a business or personal standpoint has to include God… or it doesn’t work. Period.

My goals (I have many, but won’t list them all) are simple: I want to grow my skincare + wellness business into a multimillion dollar business. I’m giving it less than three (3) years. I’m looking into opening up a grocery store and a coffee/tea café, as well. I want to be a published author. I’m also a freelance writer. I want to write scripts for film + television.

Hobbies: I like to workout. Spend time with my family. I love to read and learn new things. I love to travel to new and exciting places.

  • Favorite services and/or product to offer?

Favorite services/products to offer: I love to offer my clients dermaplaning and microdermabrasion services.

Those are their favorites, and I love seeing their reactions after we complete them.

  • Most popular service provided and/or product purchased?

One of the most popular services are also the High-frequency. My most popular product is actually one of my own (Kale + Peppermint Beauty) – our Clean Beauty 3-Step Facial Kit.

  • If you weren’t doing this career, what do you think you would be doing?

If I wasn’t doing this career, I would be owning something of mine. Not sure what that is… but I would still be a boss in my own right.

  • Being healthy is beautiful. So, what is your favorite selfcare indulgence? Why? Any recommendations/tips to others?

Favorite selfcare indulgence: Chocolate!

  • Favorite place to go in the city you live in?

My favorite place to go here in Augusta is somewhere, where there is water, peace and tranquility.

Honestly, though – I love being home! I love my home and there is nowhere I would rather be at this moment. So, in some funny way, my home is actually my favorite place to go.

  • Current projects in the works? Tell us anything we need to know about now or what to look out for in the near future, this year.

My current project so far is re-opening my business! I just leased a new office space, and before this pandemic, I was planning on a nice grand opening. So, that’s what’s in the works right now. I’m planning a grand opening for Kale + Peppermint Beauty. Not sure of the actual date, but I’ll keep you informed.

  • Leave us with how to reach you on social media (website, IG, FB, etc.).

You can reach me on these platforms:






Now that you know more about Cocoa, please reach out to her with your skincare and beauty concerns and to book an appointment for your next service in her new location. How exciting!

Please leave positive comments or further questions below. If you know someone that should be featured in this Beauty Boss Self-Care Sunday Series, please reach out and let me know who they are!

Love, Peace and Beauty!

Lysandra Joy