Those Holiday Eyes

Any start to any make up look, especially your Holiday Makeup look(s) requires what?? Yes! Clean skin!

170807_Lysandra Headshots_0190

Prepping your skin with a good cleanse, exfoliation, and the right sheet mask can provide amazing results (followed by moisturizer). Everyone time you look in the mirror you’ll be like damn… Flawless!! Believe me, you will. Smile while doing it!

So what do you need for a holiday eye look? Well depends on what eye look you are going for but if it is a shimmer eye that I am recommending this holiday then you need.

What you will need:

  • Sponge Applicators or Beauty Blender
  • Makeup brushes for the eye area
  • Eye shadow palette for your eyelid, eye crease and brow bone.
  • EyeLash Strips or Individual lashes

Now prep your canvas!

  • Cleanse & sheet mask, serum, moisturizer
  • Moisture
  • Eye creams
  • Brow shape & tint (must get this done by a professional)
  • Lashes lift & tint or lash extensions (must get these done by a professional)
  • Strip lashes/individuals

Application Steps:

Work from top to bottom of face to keep it all in order and create a seamlessly glam eye.

  • Eyelid primer
  • Foundation to neutralize lid color if you have darker (or lighter eyelids from the rest of your facial skin)
  • Dust with setting powder or light colored eye shadow.
  • Outline outer with pencil
  • Fill in crease shadow
  • Fill in lid shadow
  • Liner
  • Lashes

“I woke up like this!,” is what you will be telling everyone! Now go do your eyes!

Any questions or comments, post below. If you need your makeup done, come see me. I travel as well.


Love, Peace and Beauty!

XO, Lysandra Joy