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It doesn’t matter who they think you are, it matters who you know you are! Know who you are. My life, my joy, my hope and my peace is up to me. ~Rhonda Ross

I think I always had it but I find that I have a more aware of my growing interest and inspiration from those that live big lives on their terms and go for what they want. Hence, why I’m loving my side gig at a winery & music venue in Atlanta. It’s fun, it’s a peak into the musical side of the lives of people living outside the 9-5 job. This is different from anything I’ve done so far. So why not?! Life is about growth right and the only way to grow is to put yourself in different, unfamiliar (yet safe) situations.

This post was inspired by a music set with Rhonda Ross that I experienced last week. If you’re not familiar, she’s the daughter of Diana Ross and Barry Gordy. What a big life to peep into right! I looked her up on Google prior to the show and became a little more intrigued to see her show. I like to look people up just to gain some background insight and maybe peak my interest. She is the daughter of Motown legends, why pass up the opportunity to see her show and for free, no doubt. She was very authentic, uplifting, positive and grounding presence. She seemed very caring, loving and one that often gives back to the community. She had the 100 Men mentors of Atlanta in the audience and spoke of their mission to mentor and support young boys and girls in the city. Her husband, Rodney Kendrick is amazing on the piano but his wife Rhonda, is the star in this musical partnership. I admire and dream of a similar reality in my life, in a mutual loving relationship.

Do you love living your big life! What inspires you to do it big (even if in small ways)? What reminds you and grounds you of just who you are? What people, places or things inspire you to be you?

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Lysandra Joy