Guide to Betta Brows

Just thought you could use a reminder of a few minor tips & ideas to improving your brow game from a friendly professional perspective.

  1. See a professional you can trust, no brows done at nail salon brows! This may be a pass if you are a teen girl but after that no. Okay gals! Ok.
  2. Leave your brows alone and get them shaped every 4-6 weeks to grow the true shape and the wax specialist can manicure around that shape. This is your personalized brow shape. Shaping could include one or all, from waxing, tweezing, threading and trimming your eyebrows. Whichever you find works the best for you. Play with a few methods and see what works.
  3. If you need to recover from a butchered brow job, wait at least 9 weeks, maybe 12 to shape them.
  4. Get educated on the best products for your brows, yes YOUR brows, not your bestie, your sister’s, your mom’s or co-worker’s. Everyone’s brow journey is different. Maybe you need a powder, a pomade, a gel or brow pencil works best for you. You can also do a combo of a couple of these depending on a day or night look and your activities. Most of all, do purchase these products because it changes the game for your face, believe me. When in doubt or lacking confidence in filling in your own brows, practice, practice, practice makes perfectttt…

Tinting your eyebrows is another option if you want them to look more pronounced, fuller and appear naturally filled in.  I love a good tint and doing it is a breeze! In just a few minutes you will have bolder yet still natural brows. A great option if you are light haired or have graying brows. You can still use your brow products, you just may not need as much until the tint begins to fade. An eyebrow tint last about 3 weeks.

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When in doubt on where to even begin, ask your Esthetician or a beauty professional for some assistance or guidance in the right direction. We are all about the brow and would be happy to help. 


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Love, Peace and Beauty!


Lysandra Joy