From Cali to Georgia: Why ATL???

Sometimes you gotta go where no one knows your name.

Once they know I’ve recently moved to Atlanta, pretty much everyone here asks me why did I move from such a beautiful place like San Diego, California to live in Atlanta, Georgia (ATL)… Amongst a few other valuable reasons, my career and business growth is my biggest reason why. Regardless of how off it seems in the moment, I realize you’ve got to trust yourself and go with your intuition even when it’s a difficult road less traveled, makes no sense, yet feels incredibly right. Although it will not always turn out easy or perfect, magnificent moments will evolve despite it all. I can say for sure that I’m closer to my beauty boss goals now than I’ve ever been or feel that I would be if I remained in San Diego and this is just 3 months into my Atlanta journey. Although beautiful, after living there for 19 years I knew and now really know that San Diego just wasn’t my place.

I’m not sure yet if ATL is my forever home but I’m surely staying for awhile.

#takingrisks #makingmoves #atlantalife #beautyboss

I am grateful and beyond thrilled to be building a clientele + relationships with people that choose consistently to invest in their beauty and trusting me with their skin, lashes & brows! It’s heaven sent to be working with a salon business owner at that’s willing to invest in clients, charity, relationships, advertising and promotion of his people and business.


Atlanta is for the dreamers! Especially Black dreamers looking to experience what’s more to life amongst your own.



Lysandra Joy