Meditate On It!

Although we are all about healthy skin and caring for it, not many may think of an Esthetician as being a curator of well-being and self-care. Well I’m here to tell you we are very mindful of creating a holistic life and the rituals we can cultivate to be your best self in life and work. I’ve actually been getting up in the morning and sitting in my bed for at least 10 minutes and breathing through a guided meditation on my Spotify playlist. It’s so so good and peace inducing.

So with that in mind, I took my Master Esthetics class that I teach at Bellus Academy for a field trip to the Encinitas Meditation Gardens. Such a beautiful hidden gem that most of them and many others don’t know about.

Being a beauty practitioner includes the beauty of knowing, practicing and suggestions on living well-balanced life to our clients. It can be difficult in times of stress to find the strength to be consistent and practice what we preach but there is beauty in that as well. We are all human and working at perfecting something everyday. Take time out to breathe in silence today. It can be in your bed, in your car, at your desk and maybe at the beach or your favorite outdoor spot. Just be mindful.


Lysandra Joy

What are your mindful rituals or what is one way you can be more mindfully in the moment today? Post away by sharing your comments below. I’d love to know.