Modern Beauty


How would you describe your ideal client?
Molly from Insecure… she is a black woman, lawyer and single AF so she has to represent, be flawless on the outside and know her stuff work-wise. Therefore she does not hesitate to keep herself looking good and foster self-care to keep her inner and outer self feeling right. Not to mention she is in LA, so it comes natural because it’s a must to look together amongst her surrounding environment. She doesn’t hesitate to bring her A-game in work and life yet she is down to earth, stable, lives her best life, all about family and there for her bestest friends. She is a low-key influencer within her environment, so I also don’t doubt she will refer me to the people in her life.



I got the opportunity to be featured on fellow entrepreneur and friend, Katelyn Parsons website. Let’s hear it for all the beauty and wellness gurus and lovers out there! Katelyn is a health coach that is into all things that approach life in a clean way…clean eating, clean beauty, you get it, right?!

I adore Katelyn’s vibe, her enthusiasm for what she does and other humans and just  what she’s all about and I’m sure you will too. Take a looksie and click the link below for more info on her and me. : ))

Modern Girl Interview with Katelyn