Notes From Atlantaaa! My Holiday Trip

Check. It. Out

Day 1

⁃ Delta flight straight to ATL, I drugged myself and slept well.

⁃ Checked out the campuses at Morehouse, Spelman and Clark Atlanta.

⁃ Went to an STL historic restaurant, Paschal’s to eat soul food, Catfish etouffee, greens, yams.

– Drove down Peachtree, a strip of stores & restaurants that runs through Atlanta.

⁃ Yay! An ATL staple, Ponce Market, I looked this one up and it was just as I suspected. So many unique stores, eateries, and restaurants in this old Sears Roebuck building. I bought a tarot card deck and crystals from Modern Mystic and a much needed knit hat from Madewell cause baby it was cold outside! My big eyes I spied some boots at Frye but I’m waiting on the sale… However, Frye’s don’t disappoint so it’s an expense I don’t mind spending that extra $$$ on. They last a lifetime!

Day 2

⁃ Slept in… hey time zone issues.

⁃ Spent some time at Cumberland Mall while I waited for my cousin to take a class all day 😏 lol; more of a locals spot, not unique but the flow of black people and men that causally speak just to speak is amazingly cool after swimming in the multicultural others that keep to themselves in SD. I sat at the Starbucks in middle of the mall and took it in, started to lift my trip details while sitting. Looked up the options of what it would take to reciprocate my esthetician license from Cali to Georgia. Well, Cali is one of the handful of states that Georgia doesn’t reciprocate with… I would need to take the state test, I think. Or retake the course, I’m not too clear, yet. 😢

⁃ From there, I went to Westside Provisions District to visit Little Barn Apothecary. I was pleasantly surprised by the other cute stores and restaurants in this quaint area. There are so much inspiring, lofty, urban architecture in Atlanta. I really love it against that Southern town, yet city feels. If I didn’t currently live in a bungalow, I’d live in a loft!

⁃ Completed the day with dinner at the house with my cuz featuring bourbon salmon, spinach and wild rice with wine for me, of course, that Yellow Tail Rose.

Day 3

⁃ We made it to lady gang, had the chicken and French toast (not chicken and waffles! What?) Nkosi’s pic of the food.

⁃ How did I forget about MLK??! We went to the home he was born in. The street looks like it’s been kept in the time period. It is so clean and pristine and if only it wasn’t the government shut down I would’ve seen inside the whole house. So that kinda sucked! Next time…

⁃ Drove to Little Five Points an eclectic neighborhood of indie skincare products, crystals, vintage fashion, a nice selection tennis shoes!

⁃ Checked out Atlantic station, an outdoor mall situation. Seems they are revamping some of their spree and restaurant options.

⁃ Lennox and Philippe mall, typical malls one is an every day and the other is in the high end.

⁃ Dinner at the house again, this time it was Digornio pizza, Barefoot white wine and watched Birdbox. Ballin on a budget! The high low living is where it’s at if I want to see the world.

Day 4

⁃ We got in a much-needed walk in at Piedmont Park.

⁃ Drove to Stone Mountain to check out the Christmas activities and see the mountain. Loved the lights and wintertime festivities and had dinner.

A fave stone I purchased along with my tarot deck from Modern Mystic in Ponce City Market.
Stone Mountain on Christmas Eve.
After dinner pic at Paschal’s, a soul food restaurant and historic staple in Atlanta.
On Peachtree St…
Couldn’t be in town without checking out a skincare boutique.
Every city has a Ferris wheel these days…
Entrance to Piedmont Park.
It’s always about the food, at Old Lady Gang.
Capturing the city while in Piedmont Park.
“We will not be satisfied.” Sounds about right, in MLK Park