Make Ish Happen

This weekend I craved talking to friends, seeing friends and walking on the beach after church. But first, business stuff because building my dynasty is not limited to a certain day and time, it’s an ongoing thing. It is hard yet beautiful because I’m creating something out of nothing.

So any who, I want to church and finally officially became a partner of the church I’ve been going to off and on since 2013-ish. Now I just need to get plugged into the group where I can best serve through my stronger skill set. I got a little internally down on myself because although I am a reserved, quieter type of person, I am also very bold, adventurous and risk driven yet the personality tests came out very much the opposite. The purpose of the tests was that they would clue me into where I can best serve. Yet it described me as more as submissive, passive, stable and security driven and yes… shy (Grrrr…) I admit this is me as well and I push myself through and past these traits often as I’ve grown older and as a woman on a mission. Yet I also have to embrace that I am who I am. I’ve come a long way however it was an eye opener that I still have work to do. To show my excitement, be more outspoken and be more positive. So it made me crave reaching out to others. I caught up with a girlfriend over the phone and scheduled an afternoon walk by the beach with another friend and her baby. I’m honestly usually the ‘organizer’ and I do initiate plenty of things so hey I am a leader in my own way and in it’s own right! However, when in new situations I definitely tend to take a back seat approach because I personally need time to acclimate, evaluate the situation, others involved and just feel my way though.

Basically the just of this is this… love yourself. Do not down view how you are or those more humble qualities as a bad thing. They are not negative when you use them in the best way to serve yourself, serve others and serve a higher power. These are your gifts. They are your strengths!

I’m an Esthetician so I promote facials and beauty as a reflection of self love and confidence building but it’s not just about the vanity of an hour facial or getting your brows done. Love yourself in small (and big) ways everyday, especially this Thanksgiving week by doing a few things to love your mind, body and improve your health. If I may suggest a few possibilities:

  1. Yoga
  2. Walking… anywhere at anytime but it’s daylight savings so don’t start too late.
  3. Reading
  4. Watch your fave show or movie. Binge watch if you must
  5. Call a friend
  6. Cook a meal for yourself and maybe your neighbor.
  7. Apply a face mask while you binge watch that show
  8. Get a massage! yes!
  9. Write in your journal whatever is on your mind no matter how irrelevant you feel it may be.
  10. Go to the beach like I’m doing today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

XO, Lysandra

Comments below please. You know what to do!