Bridal Brows

It’s wedding season and eyebrows are still everything, so here are a few easy tips to future brides for getting your brows right before your wedding day.

Read on…

No DIY. See an expert every 2-6 weeks depending on the growth of your brows. Once a month, or every 4 weeks is pretty average timeframe.

Let them grow. Use a growth serum or castor oil but don’t trim or tweeze until you see your brow gal or guy.

I know it’s hard but don’t tweeze in between visits to foster fullness and maximize the shape of your new eyebrow.

If you are blonde or a redhead, tinting brows is a great option to promote the look of a fuller and bolder eyebrow yet still keeping it very natural and normal looking (think how it will accentuate and allow us to really see your features in those pictures). If you’ve never done tinting, test it out at least a month prior to your wedding date. If it’s not the right shade, too bold, or you just need a moment to adjust and it will allow enough time to fade and get them re-done for the BIG day!

Did I miss anything brow related? Any questions or comments please post below.

Happy wedding planning while growing out those brows!

XO, Lysandra Joy