Fall Is For Fashion

Hello gorgeousness! Although I am on the track of developing my beauty and skincare studio, I still and will always have a yearning to share my passion for fashion and wardrobe styling. With that, I’ve taken notice and not to mention did a little research on fashion trends for this Fall through the Winter months and taking a moment to share whats in and maybe by process of elimination, sharing what’s out. Trends can be totally new and fresh or be classics that return with an innovative twist. Trends can also work well for many but not necessarily for all. So if you like a trend and feel fabulous wearing it, great, rock it! If you are not feeling what is currently ‘in’ style, that’s okay, don’t force it, do what looks and works best for your body and personality. Don’t wear a trend just for trends sake wear it because you look and feel great. When you feel good in your clothes and define your own personal style, not only do you feel it on the inside but it shows on the outside. Just be open to try new looks. K!


So here are my faves for Fall/Winter 2016 trending styles…

  1. Stripes – They been on a roll for awhile and seem to be still in this season from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. Andy why not, it’s a neutral that you can pull off with almost anything. See this article on how to dress in stripes successfully on Who What Wear’s UK website.
  2. Jumpsuits – Love a good jumpsuit (not a romper but a jumpsuit, it’s cold now, sorta) but it definitely has to be the right one for your body type. See more on jumpsuits here from Harpers Bazaar.
  3. Velvet – I have always loved velvet, from coats to leggings to blankets, it is so posh and luxurious. With the holidays right around the corner, this could be the perfect fabric for your next outfit. So click here  to check out Pure Wow’s website for a few ideas on rocking the velvet currently in your closet or purchasing something new. There are some cute ones I haven’t thought of.
  4. Corsets – if you know me you know that I love Kim K! That pic of her wearing the corset with a t-shirt underneath…perfection. Not the most comfy but they are cute and they are in for Fall. Check out more on the corset trend and options, here on mega-fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni’s website, The Blonde Salad.

So here are a few fashion trends to get you inspired, maybe get you through your holiday party fashion and maybe even purchase as gifts this Christmas.

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra


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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!