Oily Girl

Courtesy of http://www.urbanoutfitters.com

I am a skincare and beauty products junkie. Especially lately now that I have insights into what products are best for what skin types and conditions. It is even more fun and more of a passion of mine. Beauty and style is a daily grind so with that said, one must be consistent for results. However, I am more so obsessed of late with body oils, essential oils and burner oils. Now adding to that, perfumed oils.


Picked this one up at urban outfitters. I have tried and used perfume oils before without much love but I guess because I am super feminine, the look (pink and red flowers infused) of this bottle got me. The scent is amazingly refreshing, awakening, should I say memorable. This is mainly made of natural ingredients, one of which is Vitamin E, moisturizing and an antioxidant. Try an oil it can change the feel of your skin, the energy of your home and enhance your mood… Mmm mmmm, says the hippie in me.

If you have oily skin be careful using oil on your face, maybe use an oil based cleanser for makeup removal but follow that up with a gel cleanser. Always cleanse the face twice and follow up with a toner! This should be a constant part of your at home face wash routine. It will change your life and your complexion! Ok your complexion for sure which in turn can quite possibly change your life. : )

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

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