The Barrio Way

It was Saturday night.

I took the time to meet up with a friend and go check out this Pinup Art Show I found out about via FaceBook, no doubt. At a place I have never heard of, called La Bodega Gallery located on at the cross between Logan & Sampson Streets in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. I was excited to see what they had to show, however I was not in for the crowd, the restaurants, the graffiti that I saw and was in the presence of during my walk from my car toward the gallery. Everything was so interesting and filled all of my senses. I went to the gallery and saw all of the old-school cars parked out front. The girls dressed in their pinup dresses and the guys in their leather Moto jackets with pictures of pinup models on the back… It was just pure culture and fun with a mix of Latin0, hipster feel and yuppie love in the air.

Afterward we checked out the brewery across the street. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of my tasty hibiscus beer but it was refreshing and not too much of a beer taste for this non-beer drinker here. Sorry I cannot recall the name so I will have to go back and note that! I wanted to go to the taco spot, Salud which is on the corner, next door from La Bodega but it was crazy crowded. I will definitely will have to go back there another time as well, maybe on a weekday.  So in conclusion, I realize that I can’t wait to take a cool person back to barrio Logan maybe for pre-date drinks and festivities! On the look out for a man that qualifies to hang out with my greatness. Haha! No, but really…

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra

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