Fear: Gotta Love It!

Step outside of your comfort zone…

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield

lysandra 061
The eyes tell it all… Photo courtesy of Neal Williams.

I just got Lasik procedure on my eyes two days ago. I hesitated at the thought for years and years because well I was scared of the negative ramifications would outweitgh the postive. Yet, finally being fed up with my glasses and contac lenses, somehow I decided to give it a ‘real’ thought. A thought led to an appointment, an appointment led to me telling my optometrist I wanted Lasik. That discussion led to his ensuring I was a candidate for Lasik. That led to a follow up appointment to definitely make sure I was a candidate. That appointment led to my surgery date. The surgery date led me to…well just showing up. Not only am I stoked that I went through with it but that I was so calm and apparently ready for it. All things in their right time. Right.

I hate to say that I regret that I did not do it sooner because I try not to cater to the idea of regrets. However, I guess I can say that at the least I could have done more research for a better informed decision earlier on to really know my comfort level rather than make assumptions without a second thought. However, on the other hand that leads me to think and feel that maybe now (rather than before) was the time that I am physically, mentally and financially ready to take the plunge. Despite the lingering fear remaining, I still took the steps in the direction toward what I felt would improve the quality of my life. That was more important than allowing the fear and ‘possible’ side effects to stop me.


I am happy now! I was happy before but I am for sure happy and super-excited now! Life is about experimenting. Do not let the fear stop you. Take the steps, educate yourself and see where it takes you in life, travel, love, career, money, relationships, day by day…

Live life in style! XO, Lysandra