Random ‘Basic’ Pleasures

It is Friday and we want to spend our weekend indulging. Am I right?? Or am I right.

My last post was quite personal and a little edgy. So I am keeping it super light this week in speaking about little things that bring an inner smile to my moments. Small pleasures that put a pep in my step on recurring basis, some more often than others.

1.Starbucks iced coffee – Yes I admit often that I am a coffee addict. I should truly own stock in Starbucks, I’m crazy about their iced coffee. Even the make at home version. I can’t stop won’t stop drinking my coffee.Starbux

2. Nutella-Banana – I am not sure when, where or who I heard about this from but I did, I tried it and I love it. I just take my banana and I swipe some Nutella on top of the banana and take a bite. OMG, can you imagine heaven in your mouth? It can be your low cal dessert if you don’t use too much Nutella. Or hey, just go crazy with it!


3.Ballatore –  The sparkling wine. I tried Ballatore over the holidays and I simply love it. I love wine anyway so I am not sure why I did not notice this one sooner. It is a little something light, bubbly, sparkly, not too sweet and not too bitter. This one is just so right and I can honestly drink it with anything!

4. Spanx – Yes, Spanx! I stopped wearing them several years ago because I just felt like hey I want to be me and be free in my bodaciousness. However a little extra weight gain, coupled with wearing holiday dresses made me think about going back to them. : ) It is what it is… So I purchased the STAR Spanx from Macy’s. I’m in love with them again! It is not even about the weight because anybody skinny, fat or whatever you wants to look good. To eliminate those lump sum bumps and smooth it out in those body skimming dresses or pants. The bottom line is you look good in the outcome. When in doubt, wPointyManiear your Spanx honey!

5. Manicures – I love my gel mani and regular pedi! Actually, I just tried the gel acrylic nails with the pointy tips that is so on trend right now. I am headed to LA and wanted to be a little extra poppin during my week at School of Style. They are the perfect pink hue. It can be high maintenance but I don’t know there is just something about a manicure that makes me feel truly pulled together even on a bad outfit, hair or whatever day. So I will continue to get them until I’m over it. I go to Polish in San  Diego. Ask for Q or Timmy. See pictures of their work and customer reviews on Yelp.

So there you have it and that’s just a few of my little life’s pleasures these days. Of course they are more, so many more but maybe that could be another post with another angle on another day. : )

I would really like to hear about your random pleasures. Please share your thoughts and post comments below. If you want to continue to hear me share and tell please enter your email in the box to the left.

Live life and style! XO, Lysandra