A Shopping Gem in Carlsbad Suburbia

image  I do not know if it is exactly a hidden gem to anyone else in San Diego County, but it was to me…The Forum in Carlsbad, Ca. A small, inviting, chic little shopping center in the beautiful city of Carlsbad, Ca. It is equipped with a few of my favorite (and popular) stores. There is H&M, Urban Outfitters, MAC and Anthropologie to name a few and enough to keep me there to check it out. Of course for the techies, the Apple Store is there too. It also has quite a few eateries, like Panera Bread, Cold Stone and a really good Mexican Restaurant called Casa de Bandini where I had lunch and it was delish, not said lightly because growing up in Cali, I do love my Mexican food. For us coffee addicts, the Coffee Bean AND Starbuck are there! Exciting stuff… : )

I purchased some great items, a book titled, ‘Living in the Moment’ from Urban Outfitters, perfect for my getaway to Hawaii. I picked up quite a few things from H&M, my favorite being a sequin skirt, where else will I get sequined mini skirt for $34.95?! In prep for my beauty look for fall I got a dark lipstick in Smoked Purple and lip liner in Nightmoth from MAC. Perfect!It is quaint, not a lot of hustle and bustle. It was an awesome way to spend my Sunday afternoon on my own. I often find it to be cathartic to shop alone not to mention if I shop with someone else it can be difficult to really get serious (because hey sometimes it is a serious task) and you may miss something. Especially when shopping in a new location, it is kinda inspiring and in the moment.

I would love to hear more about those perfect shopping locations near and far…please share!

Store set up in Urban Outfitters.