Skin Trends 2023

◦What’s hip and happening this year that is truly effective per my expert opinion…

Facials are becoming more and more common place. As an Esthetician, I am biased, however they are an everyday affordable luxury to plan into your life not just a once-a-year random super expensive spa day while on vacation. Although that works too! I’m all about resort spa spaces but don’t think that’s the only way or only time to care for your skin, mind, body and soul.

◦Clean-er beauty products are here to stay, it continues to be a focus and now a standard. Consumers are becoming more and more educated on clean, natural, environmentally conscious and sustainable products.

◦Black & brown-owned and women-owned product brands are more recognized, encouraged and show-cased in Sephora, Ulta as well as luxe niche retailers for black and brown founders, such as Thirteen Lune.

◦Sun-protection is a must do, however if you are primarily in-doors all day it may not be necessary to wear an SPF everyday all day, use your common sense. Sunscreen is a chemical so having it on and not needing it could be a disservice.

◦High Tech Anti-aging procedures such as botox and laser are becoming common place. Consumers are making it a part of their ongoing life needs.

◦Makeup is always on trend and products to create the natural no-makeup-makeup looks to major makeup lewks with all the works! You can find them all on Youtube or seek out an expert such as me for one on one help to create your go-to day or night makeup routine.

◦Looking natural takes work too!

Now, book the facial! LOL!


Lysandra Joy