New Year, New Beauty

Happy New Year Beauty!

It’s January 2022 and you have $300 in gift card money racked up from the holidays. Yay, you!

You need a few things to get you through the first month/quarter of 2022.  Those being:

  1. 60 minute full body massage = $85
  2. 60 minute facial with neck/shoulder, arm/hand massage including any add-ons to target correcting your major skin concerns. = $100
  3. One hair Blowout & style = $65
  4. One nail manicure/pedicure (gel, acrylics etc. if you do these) = $100
  5. One pair of shoes for the season = $99
  6. One new set of Lash Extensions = $150

Remember, you just have $300!
You can choose 1-4 of these, 4 being the most you can get (could be less), depending on the estimated total cost.

So based on your current wants & needs, what are your top 3 choices??? And why?


Lysandra Joy