2020, Cancer, What Else??!

It’s staggering realization that 1 in 4 people get cancer. If it’s not you it’s bound to be someone you know.

Imagine my fear, horror, sadness and dismay for my life on 9/24/2020 after a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy, I was told I have invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast after finding a lump one day while taking a shower. This happened a mere months after my annual mammogram screening which showed no abnormalities. I now question the realistic benefit of that tool. It’s not the best when it comes to having dense breast tissue. Which is probably most women, well definitely most black women so why is the only initial screening tool offered. Is a mammogram truly key in early detection? How many lives does it really help save from the second highest cancer killer of women after lung cancer? Or is it really a medical industry money maker?… hmmm. I wonder.

If 2020 hadn’t rocked me already, it definitely has now. Just after all the things began to finally come together. Revamping my solo business in midst of a pandemic, only a year after moving to a new city. A new industrial loft style apartment. The type I dreamed of living in when I visualized my move to ATL. I found my my personal chic space to rock my life, grow my business, community and personal brand. I’m living my best life, stress is of course a reality of taking risks but nonetheless, I’m gettin it, making moves, creating a good look and outlook, only to be hit with a low blow to my mind, body and soul. A month into it and it still hurts my soul to the core. I guess it’s the yin and the yang. How is this happening??!!! Yet, the sting is a little now, it still sizzles. It’s so surreal but I still have an amazing life to live. Things are flowing in regards to my road to recovery. With my first chemotherapy session scheduled for this week and just a mere months, to a year, maybe 2 to go. Cancer treatment, it’s a process for sure. I don’t think anyone can fathom feeling physically fine while your mortality is simultaneously being threatened unless you’re the one diagnosed and dealing with it. I wish this on no one yet God only gives you what you can handle. Well God, I must be the female mortal version of Hercules. My name (Lysandra, the feminine form of Lysander, a Spartan warrior) is of Greek origin after all. Lol. The significant physical effects of cancer treatment, short term and long term can be so detrimental. Crazy how unless it’s you and your body (or maybe your child) being threatened you never seriously ponder it. I’m claiming minimal issues and victory on my life.

So, on a more positive note, with a Navy medical background as Hospital Corpsman, degrees in healthcare and business management paired with being a licensed skin and beauty therapist, I find this may be my biggest life battle yet also my calling in hopefully healing others that will, are and have gone through what I’m going through by offering Oncology skincare and facial experiences to my list of services at House of Vine, http://www.houseofvine.com. Especially for women of color. We need each other. We are in this together. More to come on that in the near future.

So, I say all this so that hopefully it is one less person I have to tell about my current condition. If I haven’t told you and you are a significant or fairly significant friend, family member or associate in my life, not having got around to telling you doesn’t make you any less significant. It’s a hard heart wrenching thing to have to do. I simply am trying to eliminate having to tell the story over and over again because I need to move on, to heal, to warrior up, to be positive and although cancer will now forever be ‘a part’ of my life journey, it’s not my life story.

Please don’t send your ‘I’m sorry’s’ because there is no need to be and it doesn’t help anyone. Life is good but it’s a bitch. We make it work the best we can. Right. If nothing more, just send happy notes, jokes, air hugs, good vibes and prayers, only if you feel it. ♥️

If in ATL, support my veteran-owned, woman-owned, Black-owned business that heals and beautifies! Triple threat!

Sincerely yours,