Beauty Boss Self-Care Sunday with Leah Lovelace

  • What aspect of the beauty or wellness industry do you serve? Why did you choose this career? What key services do you offer? Location?

I am a hairstylist who offers cuts, chemical services, and styling to all textures of hair. I specialize in the maintenance of healthy hair and transformation without compromising the integrity of the hair. I chose this career because it’s an artistic outlet for me and it gives me the power to transform other people and build relationships. Currently I am a traveling stylist.


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  • Tell us about yourself. Who are you as a person? Hobbies, passions?

My name is Leah Lovelace. I am a licensed master cosmetologist since 2018. I consider a hobby of mine to be enjoying music. I’m a huge concert goer and I love a great Dj set!

  • Favorite services and/or product to offer?

My favorite service to provide haircutting. I love to give my clients the convenience that comes with a great haircut. Not to mention a healthy head of hair.

  •  Most popular service provided and/or product purchase?

My most popular service would be a blowout. Rather or not my client receives a chemical service or cut I know she will enjoy that voluminous bouncy look . I use a round brush on all my blowouts to build the style from beginning to end. 

  •  If you weren’t doing this career, what do you think you would be doing?

I think I would be in Real Estate. I think the structure of it is very similar to the beauty business in the fact that it is up to you as an individual to drive your own success and retain and build clientele.

  •  Being healthy is beautiful. So, what is your favorite selfcare indulgence? Why?

I love to upkeep my feet! I use them everyday so a pedicure per week doesn’t sound too bad lol

  • Favorite place to go in ATL or the city you live in?

I love to go to a bar in the city. My friends and I call it Cheers lol

  • Current projects in the works? Tell us anything we need to know about now or what to look out for in the near future, this year.

My next conquest is to build my clientele to be able to make and maintain my own workspace so that I can have full control of my clients’ experience.

  • Leave us with how to reach you on social media (website, IG, FB, etc.).




Now you know how to reach Leah! She also offers a beautiful blowout at Drybar in Buckhead. Once they open back up be sure to request her for your next weekly blowout service.


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Love, Peace and Beauty!

XO, Lysandra Joy