Black Can’t Crack But It Sags

Just know that facial treatments are not a one and done overnight miracle. To get and keep your skin right and tight it may take multiple sessions to get and stay there. Just like you get your hair and nails revamped monthly, do the same for your face and a body treatment too.

A facial and a facial for the body is the bestest feeling! Lots of factors go into ethnic skincare, such as treating hyperpigmentation, breakouts and excessive oiliness… Just know we are not exempt, Black DOES not necessarily crack but it does sag when not properly cared for. We need skin TLC too! Lots of peptides and ceramides is key, to keep your skin firm.

As a black woman AND esthetician with my own set of skin issues & anti-aging dilemmas I’m passionate about skin of color and US feeling confident in the skin you’re in….

If you have any skin issues I’d love to help whether it be a one time or recurring facial treatment and/or helping you find and pick products that are best for your skin type and improving any skin conditions.

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