Pretty Lips For Brown Skin

The right shade of lipstick can transform your day (or night) mood and look. So put on some lipstick and handle it and whatever else comes!

I randomly decided to inform you about a few brands that carry clean beauty lipsticks catering to women of color. We can never have enough colorful shades to work with. Figured I’d share them here.

The Lip Bar has so many complimentary, bold and neutral colors that target black women and women of color but mostly the woman that wants to unapologetically be herself. It is vegan and cruelty-free. It is a fun brand to view on their website and Instagram. It’s now available in Target.

Axiology Beauty is a natural organic lipstick that offers a nice selection of colors. They are also sold at Sephora.

Lime Crime Makeup is a more fun and youthful brand of lipsticks. Also vegan and cruelty-free. I really like the metallic sheen on most of them. Not super expensive so they’re worth trying out and wearing something outside your comfort zone. It still has that indie feel yet it’s popping up in the department stores…. Nordstrom anyone? Made in LA.

Beauty Counter is leading the clean beauty movement and the fight for cleaner ingredients in the U.S. The recently launched all their holiday packages and they have some new amazing lip colors that are to die for this season. Good options for gifting.

Gabriel Cosmetics is founded by an Esthetician that wanted to correct the skin before apply toxic makeup and so he went on to start this company which has so many product options outside of just lipstick. Check them out for another clean beauty option with an assortment of colors. Seaweed is a spotlight ingredient in this line of all natural, vegan and cruelty-free line.

Alima Pure is a high performing brand made naturally. Not exactly a huge line of lipsticks but what they have appeal to women of color as well as the entire line of makeup for eyes, cheeks and face.

Blac Minerals have such pretty, vibrant lipgloss colors! Positioning themselves as making all natural makeup for women of color.


Not to mention that I specialize in results driven organic clean beauty facials and professional makeup application at my studio House of Vine located in my bungalow in San Diego or on location as needed.

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Enjoy your week of closing out October and heading into Novemberrrr! A time of giving and gathering.


XO, Lysandra Joy


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