Slow Burn By Laser

Alcheme in Little Italy, San Diego, CA. Photo credit via my iPhone.

As you know (or if not, now you do) I work as an Esthetician at Hyde-Edwards Salon and Spa in San Diego. Such a cool environment that includes Alcheme, a holistic skincare and wellness space of acupuncture, lasers, micro-blading, Botox, vitamin shots and probably something more that I am missing but you get the idea… Well, I decided to put an end to my curiosity with laser for anti-aging and tried out their laser called the Clear and Brilliant. It is considered less strong than IPL but is well suited to minimize and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, expression lines and pigmentation or dark spots from damage due to environmental factors like Sun. As with most estheticians, hair Stylists or anyone in a beauty related or creative field, when in Rome….why not. The cost of the Clear and Brilliant is about $350 per session (luckily I have an employee discount) and as with anything a few sessions on a consistent basis with future follow ups are recommended to see results that stick.

So here is a little run down of my experience.

Day 1 (first 24 Hours)

The laser burns more than I imagined, like of piece of sandpaper being dragged across my face yet tolerable enough to want to see it through. Isaac, my nurse did my face, neck and décolleté. He even did the backs of my hands which is a telltale sign of age. Put SPF on your hands y’all, especially while driving.

  • The burn will burn for awhile, like 1-2 hours after the procedure, then subsides. 
  • My face is pretty red, lobster red. I lathered on the SPF before leaving the office.

Day 2

I experience a slight sand-papery texture and feel on my face, neck and décolleté which was a mentioned side-effect. However my face is glowing and healthy looking, like I just got a facial.

  • My neck and décolleté are still red, striped and a little scabby or welp looking up close. 

    My face looks good but my décolleté is still a little red and striped from the laser. Photo credit via my iPhone.

Day 3

I continue using a balm I have from One Love Organics called Skin Savior and my Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm to moisturize, protect and heal my skin. Both also provide a good priming base for my Bare Minerals mineral powder that has physical SPF for my protection while in the sun, which is kept at a minimum for the next couple weeks. 

  • My neck and décolleté look back to normal. Yay! Cause you never know…
  • Still feel a slight sand paper feel. 

Day 4

Feels a little more sand paper ish and in closer look at my face I see micro scabs where my pores are. Still doesn’t look bad, healthy glow. Minor breakouts here and there not sure if it’s a result of the exfoliation from the laser or just my usual…

I missed my follow up appointment that came 30 days later but I have rescheduled and can’t wait to see what happens on the second go-round.

Any experiences you care to share regarding skin treatments by laser? Recommendations? Post your comments below? See my About Lysandra Joy page where you can click a link to the right if you would like to follow my blog for skin and beauty insights from me coming to you just a couple times a month.

For the joy of beauty.

XO, Lysandra Joy