The Spa At Planet Hollywood

The hot tub at Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara. Photo via my iPhone.

Her name was Natalia and she gave me the best massage I have had in a long while. Where did I get this massage you ask?  I spent the day at the Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara while in Las Vegas for the Cosmoprof Conference last month. A little business and a little pleasure for a well-rounded trip of course. Hence the name, the spa is located within Planet Hollywood where I stayed for the weekend. This is my first of many more experiences in skincare and beauty that I will share with you as I travel to different spas, wellness/holistic clinics, skincare and/or beauty destinations checking out their products, amenities, treatments and anything beauty related.

En route to relaxation. Photo via my iPhone.

I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment. I chose two treatments, a full body massage with a full body polish. I figured go big or go home (as I often do, I’m still not sure if it’s a sickness or a good thing. Maybe a little of both, just depends on the situation). Hey, self care for the self-care professional is important eh!

Okay, now on to the important stuff… This Spa features a Balinese theme with a menu naming services to compliment the Balinese theme. Of course it’s not at a discount (unless you have a Groupon deal), as hotel spas are typically a splurge beyond what a local Salon and Spa would be. This was in the name of research and a much needed massage away from home.

Locker room area. Photo via my iPhone.

You can take a further look on the Planet Hollywood website, where it describes the spa, services and there is a pdf link to the official menu with prices toward the end. You have up until 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to cancel the spa reservation. They offer all types of facials, back and full body massages, body polishes, body wraps, manicures and pedicures. The products that seem to be mainly featured in the treatments, well at least the facials, is Elemis. A line of products I have seen used in higher end spas, to include those on cruise ships, also featured on QVC and in department stores such as Nordstrom. Elemis is a luxury British skincare brand that has a strong anti-aging focus but has products focusing on all skin types.

I enjoyed Spa Mandara even more because guests of Planet Hollywood can enjoy the spa amenities from 7am to 7pm, whether you have an appointment for a service or not. I sure did hang out there for a bit after my massage was over. There are all the toiletries you can ever need, a hot tub, showers, sauna and steam room available for use throughout the day.  Sweat it out to your hearts desire! Go naked or in a bathing suit, whichever suits your comfort level. I think everyone should try naked at least once. Be free my friend, be free! It’s free-ing for sure.

So all in all although a little dark for my taste, the decorum and vibe was definitely nice and relaxing, however I wouldn’t say I was exactly blown away but it is a quality spa with good service from the staff. The Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara served the purpose I was seeking. If you are ever at Planet Hollywood, definitely take the time to check it out and enjoy.


Be happy, be beautiful, be you while loving the skin you’re in.

XO, Lysandra Joy