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Last month I went to the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference as well as the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. My first time there was last year and it is just simply amazing, addicting and intoxicating that with all of the products, tools, skincare lines, etc. that are featured there, I had to go back.  I get so excited to be apart of such a dynamic industry that I want to keep up with the trends and just be aware of what is happening. Anywho, I had colleagues who made it to the show prior to me getting there and I noticed they had some amazing looking products with beautiful packaging and an aroma to die for. I knew I had to get there and try them! Not only did I try, of course I purchased some for my personal use. Then proceeded to reach out to Sorella Apothecary for more information.


Shannon, the account manager had this to say about the Sorella Apothecary skincare line,

“Our products really do work (and smell amazing, I might add) and are never formulated with parabens, sulfates or gluten. Most of our products are also vegan with the exception of beeswax and honey found in a few products. We are big on supporting the skin’s natural regenerating properties and so many of our clients find that their skin is more healthy, balanced and glowy than ever before.”

I could not agree more with the last statement. I have been using Sorella for a few weeks now and my skin feels well-balanced and always has a healthy glow after each use. I only picked up a few key products (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and lip balm, boy do I love some lip balm) to get an idea of how my skin would react and now I can see these are great quality products that my skin really loves and because of the attractive, feminine packaging and aromas, I adore using it. Which is something I need in order to consistently use, get excited about and advocate to others.

What I purchased: (pics are courtesy of

Avocado Lip Hydrator – feels beyond luxurious going on your lips and so hydrating, almost overwhelmingly so…

Blueberry Milk Hydrator – smells like a hint of blueberries, goes on lightweight yet creamy enough consistency. Mmmm…

Orange You Jelly Cleanser – I have oily skin so prefer light gel smell good cleansers that are not heavy and improve the look and feel of my skin.

Spiced Wine Toner – This stuff right here! Beyond amazing smell of spiced cinnamon pumpkins and feels oh so refreshing.

Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum – I chose this one for the hydration and the antioxidant factor of fight off free radicals and environmental pollution. As I age that is a major concern and oily skin still needs hydration or it tends to get oilier. Good stuff, it is more creamy than serum-like and gives off a light glow.

This is a possible product line and major contender that I’d love to use in the future. Time will tell.

Live life in style and take care of the skin you’re in! XO, Lysandra


PS. Take a look at the site and tell me, would you instantly want to try these products too? Or maybe you have already. I would love to know your thoughts, comment below.