Have A Moment?

Aha moments… Could they be good? Could they be bad? Or could they just be what they be…a moment.

I'm having a moment!

So I am prompted to write about an aha moment and did not think I could come up with anything I would think anyone wants to hear about let alone ready about, however in the midst of prepping for another post I want to write about…I realized my A-Ha! moment and said to myself, “I don’t want to write about that.” However I was pulled to put my preparations for my other post aside and go ahead with this feeling in the moment. I am really focusing on being in the present moment. Not only is being present one of my core desired feelings to focus on this year but it is the this month’s theme (present, presence, essence) presented by one of my instructors at my nearby yoga studio. As the saying goes, things, ideas, people and even themes happen in your life as they are supposed to I guess. So any ol way, that is exactly how my A-Ha! moment came to be. After yoga…

After yoga class I am in this sleepy, calm, satisfied, zen mode. It was last week after a class and I was busy doing something around my little bungalow, laundry actually, I was putting in a load…While doing so, I had the passing random thought that, ‘I, me Lysandra Leary, really may never, ever, ever have a child of my own. Whoop, A-Ha, there it is! There it was! Random! And as I thought this, another thought quickly followed with, ‘Hmm alright, that’s okay’ (shoulder shrug) and I went back to doing my laundry. Weird! I guess the logic is that I do not have a child now and I am still standing, breathing, healthy, happy and alive to talk about it. In the present moment it is not a problem at all, no fear. In the madd crazy swivel of fearing the future is when it seems like the worst thing ever…to some, maybe even me. But hey, there are so many things I do, have done and will do. So many things that I have, had and will have. Is a child going to make me any more happier, healthier, better, livelier? Any more of anything than what I already am today or can be tomorrow. I cannot say that I really think so. Yes I may miss out on the joy of motherhood. However how can I seriously long for something when I have no idea how it really feels anyway only the idea of how it feels.

Image via Pinterest.
Image via Pinterest.

People say being a parent is the best experience ever! Yet, I recall people saying (and still do say) being a home owner is the best investment ever yet I found it to be the most dismal, ball and chain how-do-I-get-out-of-this-decision I ever made, at least at that time in my life. I am not saying buying a house compares to parenting a child. I am noticing that so one can really say what is good for one is good for all. Right?

So I say A-Ha moments, be what they be. At least this particular one. There is no action necessary other than to live my life and who knows what the future will bring! That is the beauty of being in the present!

Image via Pinterest.
Image via Pinterest.

Any comments? Can you relate to this? Have an A-Ha moment where you were actually okay with a major life issue thingy, or maybe you were not okay and just realizing it in a moment’s flash. Please share and tell me about it in the comments below.

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Live life in style. XO, Lysandra