Need a Vacation From Vacation Planning? Get Travel Inspired

I am on day 3 of Alex Headon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge and we are instructed to blog about a tutorial giving step by step guidance, instruction or provide tips on how to do something. Ugghh! I feel like a jack of all trades and master of none right about now BUT I do love to travel as I am sure you do as well being the adventurous go-getter of life that you are! So maybe I can offer you some travel preparation advice to limit your anxiety and improve your trip. Travel can be stressful for sure but it is also fun time where we can live once in a lifetime events and experiences and maybe even life transformation (You have read Eat, Pray, Love right?!). In order to really get the best out of your trip I offer these preparation options and ideas to get travel inspired and ready to see the world through your eyes.

So you have an idea of where you want to go and when, now what?

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1. Where are you going? Book it! I swear by, the site and the app are awesome. they offer extensive information on the hotels and customer reviews to really get a good gage of what is the best hotel for you. I use it all the time to book my hotels and airline tickets! I enjoy using them because often times you do not have to pre-pay and you have time to cancel and reschedule if you change your mind. is great for rental car price comparisons and reservations without having to prepay.  I also hear that Trip Advisor is awesome but have yet to really use it and plan to check them out further as well.

2. Got music? It can set a mood, stitch a memory and is a must. I start with building a playlist for how I want to feel during my vacay. I like to use iheart radio for road trips. This one is awesome because you can locate local radio stations for the area you are traveling and/or create stations based on artist(s) that you like, similar to Pandora, which I also love to use. I have a playlist on iTunes where I find songs that stimulate my mood and I purchase them as I see fit to create a list as I go. All of these are great to use in order to past time during road trips and increase relaxation during those lengthy plane rides.

3. Weather? Research it, be prepared (or somewhat) for any surprises. This is key to any activities you want to do and what to pack while there.Free on iTunes and Google Play Store.

4. Planning any activities and excursions? Of course you are! Research the area to see what you would most like to do. An option is to you research a local site like the Chamber of Commerce for the city you are going (I find this boring but it is an option). When in doubt google it. However, I really enjoy for extensive advice that is local to the area you are visiting. They get you excited! is a great tool for booking tourist excursions in a streamlined manner with some great discounted options.

5. What is the look that you want to create? How do you want to feel and what vibe do you want to exude while on that vacation or business trip? I like to jot down things I would like to wear. Complete your outifits, accessories, and the jewelry I want bring with me. is perfect for this! It provides for inspiration and the websites that you can purchase the items you like on the site if you do not have something similar in your closet. Cannot make up your mind, not sure what exactly you want, you can favorite them and come back later. You can curate your own look of the day or set a curated look for the entire trip right from your phone or ipad. Love this!

Now all you need is your camera, sunblock, sunglasses, your phone and/or tablet (laptop if traveling on business). Enjoy!!

Hope this adds value and inspiration to your future getaway! Let me know if it helps and any other ideas and inspirations that you may have. What travel inspires you?

XO, Lysandra