No White After Labor Day?…Forget About It!

After some in depth research (ok, google search), regarding the no white after labor day rule I found it is a whole lot of hoopla about nothing. I walked into work the day after labor day in this dress. Needless to say I secretly felt a bit rebellious…and beautiful! So, I decided to where it on a Sunday outing and for this photo shoot, cause like Iggy Azalea raps it, I’m so fancy!

However, I decided to pair these Sam Edelman ‘Louie’ booties I purchased from Nordstrom with the whimsy frock, also purchased from Nordstrom, BP department, to create a bit of an edge. The House of Vine vibe is more of a soft meets hard, funky yet sweet. I want to try to capture and build on that in my photos and throughout the future of this blog. I also paired it with a leather vest just to show you can add to take away from it however you so feel. So after this Labor Day, keep rocking your white! I mean it is still 80 degrees in San Diego people!!

What makes you feel beautiful yet rebellious??

IMG_5985 IMG_6163 IMG_5793 IMG_5690 IMG_5705 IMG_5964