Experience Facials Infused with Technology

Facials Infused with Technology

Be a rockstar and love the skin you’re in. Just like your body requires consistent gym time to show results, your face requires a consistent routine, which includes at home care day and night as well as visiting me, your favorite Esthetician, between every 4-12 weeks depending on our plan.

Facials at my studio House of Vine are 60 minutes long, tailored to your skin type, skin condition and overall goals. All facials (except the Just Relax Luxury Facial) are infused with a technological component for inevitably successful and sometimes immediate results! So let’s rock this!

All facials (except for the back), are currently at the 2018 introductory price of $85 (valued at $120) through the end of 2018. I want you to try, love and return to the House of Vine experience.


Anti-Aging Facial with Micro-current or LED Red Light Therapy lifts, tones and firms facial muscles and minimizes and may eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Acne Facial with High Frequency or LED Blue Light Therapy treats and eliminates acne.

Brightening Facial with Ultrasonic Spatula deep cleans, removes acne,  decreases the appearance of black spots, as well as firms and tones due to its microcurrent technology.

Just Relax Luxury Facial is for the moment when you just want to relax, get in some self-care and get indulge in aromatherapy.

Just My Back is a deep cleansing of acne and congestion of the back only. $45


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