Pretty is Power

Have burning skincare or makeup questions such as…

• What products should my skincare routine should consist of and in what order?

• Which ones are really best for MY skin?

• What’s the most effective (yet fun) use of my makeup products for daily glam?

• How often should I really change out my products? (Yes, there is a shelf life!)

• Is skincare and makeup really necessary? Umm, yes it is because when you look good you do better. You just do!

Well I wrote an mini-ebook about this that should help!

I provide insights, ideas and tips on how to curate and personalize your skin & beauty routine into a ritual you’ll love and re-create through the seasons.

Link to my ebook is below and you can also check out my website for more skin & beauty on the blog or schedule a virtual or in person consultation with me for a customized lesson.

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