Wellness While Black

“Rather than waiting for the wellness world to invite us in, people of color are creating wellness practices and wellness spaces for ourselves.”

Incredible info from an article in ID Magazine.

This article further drives the fact for me that I am on a right path and idea. I want to guide and empower women of color to level up their beauty skincare game and be consistent. There is nothing like walking out of a facial with bare skin glowing and refreshed. Beauty is boss! It’s a movement ya’ll!


While working at a popular higher end corporate beauty company (mums the name) I realized that it wasn’t for me. After the experience, I never want to work in a corporate beauty environment again. I’m not sure if it was racial or elderly abuse ( lol, as I was older then everyone else in the store) or both, nonetheless, the beauty brands that cater to women NOT of color in locations that lack diversity can and will attract clientele of an energy that are not your vibe, even those of your race that you’d think would be down for you may be the first to complain especially if it’s a anonymous survey. Without a doubt this is not always one sided, as I’m sure there are things I could’ve improved on however when your ‘superiors’ treat every customer ‘suggestion’ as pit against you as if customer service is not a beast in and of it self, that’s a problem because they don’t have your back, at all. Yes, treat the customer in person as if they are always right but they are not always right behind closed doors.

But hey so what, it was meant to last for only a season. During that time I was offered a position as an Esthetics Educator…. oh wow imagine that up level! God is good and now I get to grow my business in a real way, teach others, learn more, show my flava, what I have to offer, display my skills and attract my tribe. My clients are actually endearing people and mosts are friends or become so and I LOVEEE this! ❤️

This does not stop the fact that at networking events for my business I’m often the only black woman in the room. If not you can definitely count on one hand or less the amount of black women although there may be other women of color from other races. I’m not complaining, just saying and observing, it is what it is but I’d like to see more. It’s been a thing for me my entire life however I don’t think it was as noticeable while I was in the military or working for Veterans Affairs, oddly enough the environment was much more diverse, or maybe that isn’t odd. I’m just noting to make more conscious efforts to go to places and events to seek out my black and colorful client such as church for instance! Everything takes time and consistency and trust building, especially in something as intimate as beauty and skincare, touching one’s face and being in their intimate space.

What are your thoughts?? Place your comments below.


XO, Lysandra Joy